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Warning to everyone !

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:01 pm
First of all, private messages and board are not to advertise your personal link. You can do this once when you present yourself or in advertisements forum. If we detect such activity, your account is suspended.
You must purchase advertiser rank for 199 $ per year (20 $ per month) to allow you to advertise by private message. Private message me for details.
You can advertise your link at your profile or signature but if we allow you to advertise your link by posting it anyway, we will disturb organize of forum.
Show your signature :
Go to "Profile >> Preferences" and enable the option "Always attach my signature". Your signature should now be attached to all posts you make, if you actually have content in it.
40 $ sign up and anniversary bonus. Every time you receive your anniversary greetings, just reply to get 40 $ deposited into your purchase balance.
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